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Sharp ocarina

This is meant to be a comprehensive guide on the usage of xdaniel's Sharp Ocarina, more recently updated by Nokabure. First we're going to. If you don't already know, SharpOcarina is an application made by xdaniel in / to create custom maps for OoT. I resurrected the. Anyway, before the release there's still some stuff to do, mainly implementing collision types and related information, plus documentation for all.

I'm back again, this time to help any people starting Ocarina of Time Modding. This Tutorial, will be taking place in Sharp Ocarina. Though. Hello everyone!Ive got a problem importing file in Error says: "Uncontrolled exception in a aplicationĀ“s component" it only h. So, i've been messing around with the sharp ocarina application, and I think i'm getting really good at making maps, but one thing I cant seem.