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Note In previous versions of the WDK, the driver-specific module for code analysis was part of a stand-alone tool called PREfast for Drivers. Commenter Jeff asks what the PRE in PREfast stands for. It's an inside joke. The Microsoft Programmer Productivity Research Center. function (for example, DriverEntry() or DllInitialize()). PREfast was unable to determine if the call was made from the initialization function.

In this post, I will focus more on static source code analysis using prefast. I believe the justification for using it is very strong. First, it can find very. C:\>cl /analyze Visual Studio version and later You can run the tool from the command line with any build system. To run PREfast in a build environment window, you type the word prefast followed by your usual build command. To run PREfast with.

This added expressiveness is used by tools like PREfast and its user-mode . PREfix is another static code analysis tool used by Microsoft*. PREfast is a static analysis tool that identifies defects in C/C++ programs. PREfast enables you to perform quick desktop error detection on small code bases. This article will describe basics of static code analysis with PREfast in Visual Studio.; Author: Apriorit Inc, Sergey Podobry; Updated: 11 Mar. At the moment PREfast is only included in the Deluxe Professional /Program Files/Microsoft SDKs/Windows/v/VC/INCLUDE for the standard C headers and .