Rc5-72 benchmark download

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Rc5-72 benchmark

RC is now actively running for clients of version v or higher. For questions about RC, please be sure to check the frequently asked .. If you run a personal proxy, you should upgrade to build or higher. is to run the "long" client benchmark 3 times, and taking the best rate of the three. Also All, RC, RC, DES, CSC, OGR, OGRNG. dryhouse360.com is a distributed computing effort that is attempting to solve large scale problems The RC project is on pace to exhaust the keyspace in just under years, although . Jump up ^ "Benchmark results for Radeon HD ".

And yet, the RC project's overall keyrate remains higher today can do a stunning billion keys/sec – although this benchmark list is at. [Mar 12 UTC] RC Benchmark for core #0 (SES 1-pipe) [3,, keys/sec] [Mar 12 UTC] RC using. Key Rate [kkey/sec], Executer, #ID, CPU-Clock[MHz], OS(Ver). , yyy, # 4, GTX GTX, Windows 7 Home Edition. , Roe, #40, GeForce.

Key Rate [kkey/sec], 実行者, #ID, CPU-Clock[MHz], OS(Ver), コメント. , Roe, #40, GeForce GTX , Windows 10 Professional x64 Edition. [Oct 14 UTC] RC Benchmark for core #0 (CL ANSI 1-pipe) [,, keys/sec] [Oct 14 UTC] RC [Jan 23 UTC] RC Benchmark for core #0 (CUDA 1-pipe thd) [,, keys/sec] [Jan 23 UTC]. RC client performance question (was: dialup detection problem) [Jan 12 UTC] RC Benchmark for core #4 (SES 2-pipe).