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Psoup tetracycline resistance

I have also experienced some challenges with the Tetracycline resistance conferred by the pSoup vector. It can be a little tricky, -- if the tetracycline level is to. Plant vector used for co-transformation with pGreen family plasmids. The pGreen vector therefore requires pSoup for replication in Agrobacterium. resistance, Tet-r bacterial selection gene confers tetracycline resistance from.

Vector: pSoup. Date last modified, Name, pSoup. Type, plasmid. Tair Accession Selection, tetracycline. Images. Community Comments (?). Tetracycline resistance encoded by pSOUP, however, should be selected at 2ug/ mL ('lo-Tet') The Uppsala Transgenic Arabidopsis Facility. function is provided by another plasmid, pSoup, in A. tumefaciens (27). Alterna- tively An acceptor vector has tetracycline resistance derived from. pRK2. 4.

pSoup+p Search name. pSoup+p19,Plasmid pSoup+p19,pSoup+p19 vector. Bacterial Resistance:Tetracycline Growth Strain: Expression: Plant Use: Plant. The pCLEAN vectors are based on the widely used pGreen/pSoup system and . (including a bacterial tetracycline resistance gene) and consequently can be. Vector Name, pSoup, Antibiotic Resistance, Tetracycline LOCUS pSoup bp DNA circular DEFINITION Plant vector used for co-transformation with.